the holiday season, finally the photos and reviews that you found on google this year led you to make Morocco your dream holiday choice. You have bought your tickets and even started preparing your suitcase for the wonderful destination, Essaouira However, there is one more thing to do: What to do
whilst in Essaouira?
The Atlantic Life listed for you all the holiday essentials in and around Essaouira:

  • Fishing: Essaouira has an infinite bay with an ocean that is rich in fish. So, with family or friends, you can discover the benefits of fishing and spend moments of pure relaxation.
  • Kitesurf: Known for its windy climate, Essaouira is one of the best spots for enthusiasts of this sport whether you are a novice or a seasoned Kitesurfer. The bay is huge giving you plenty of space.
    Therefore you will not risk entangling your lines with those of other Kitesurfers.
  • Surf: Essaouira and its surroundings are full of surf spots. And each spot is unique !
  • Buggy Raids: Discover the region through a ride on the beaches, sand dunes, crossing adorable little villages … This will be and adventure never forgotten with Amazing Raid Buggy!
  • Excursions: From fishing villages to weekly souks (markets). You can set out to explore the truly authentic Morocco. The Morocco that has inspired the great master orientalist, writers and film makers.
  • Exits: Leave behind the clubs of the big cities and their loud music. Here, nightlife consists of many small bars and restaurants by the sea with live bands. You can sip your cocktails or drink your beer while admiring beautiful sunsets with the colours of a thousand fires.
    One thing is sure, there is always something to do.