In an age where awareness of the ecosystem should be taught as a key topic in schools, time is pressing us to put into place effective actions now to avoid the worst outcome that is threatening this beautiful planet. All of us are concerned, and everyone can help.

To minimize the impact of one of the biggest plagues the world has ever known. Plastic waste, continues to pollute the sea and our beaches, has ongoing effects that will continue to threaten maritime life.

First, it is worth remembering that plastic is not self-biodegradable. When it eventually deteriorates, which can take years its microparticles remain. A quick tour on Google will enlighten you.

In Essaouira, as in many coastal towns and cities, the inhabitants have lived for centuries thanks to the never ending generosity of the sea. Therefore, it seems important to us to work with and respect its durability.

The Atlantic Life regularly organises garbage collection days on and around the beach, you are all more than welcome to join our tribe!

In addition to supporting the environmental cause, these collection days are an opportunity for you, and us, to meet old friends and to make new ones. The program consists of garbage collection, friendly chatter and to share pleasant moments..

To encourage the brave participants, TAL will supply Surf equipment to finish your day on the beautiful ‘clean’ Essaouira beach.

You can participate at any time in the next TAL green day by checking our Facebook page.