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Essaouira, also known as ‘The Windy City’ due to its strong ‘Alizé’ trade winds, is one of the most popular kitesurf and surf spots in Morocco. With its stunning curved bay and its ‘ Second Beach’, it offers perfect conditions for surfers of all levels.

Kitesurfing is within everyone’s reach. We will teach you how to direct the tension of your kite. Once you have mastered this you can use the board. To progress at speed you need to follow a series of planned steps, under the guidance of monitoring of your instructor.

For complete beginners, we will work at your pace making sure you can control your kite on land, before you start using the board. At THE ATLANTIC LIFE, we give professional lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers, tailoring your instruction to your personal needs, and always putting your safety first.

Prices :

3h 6h 9h 12h 15h
Group Lessons 80€ 150€ 220€ 280€ 320€
Semi-private lessons 100€ 200€ 290€ 380€ 450€
Private lessons 150€ 280€ 400€ 520€ 620€

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